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If you plan on getting a boxer dog as a pet, then you need to know about boxer dog behavior. Some people who first meet this breed think they are skittish but they would be wrong. Boxer dogs can be and usually are overly friendly. These dogs can become skittish if they are not greatly loved and shown love each and every day. If you think you want a boxer pet for your family, then there are some things about the boxer dog’s behavior you need to know before and after you purchase your canine friend.

- First, do some research about your individual boxer. Learn about the puppy’s parentage and if you can, see the parents in person. Knowing how the parents behave will give you some idea on how your puppy will behave.

- Second, when you are ready to purchase your new friend, find a breeder that is doing it for the love of the breed, not for business. Boxer dogs who have this sort of breeder are usually loved more and are more gregarious than those bred for making money.

- Third, like a cat or kitten, boxer dogs are not too keen on water. When it is time to give them a bath, you’re likely to get wet as well but the time will be fun.

- Fourth, try not to leave your boxer pup alone for too long. When this breed gets bored, they can become destructive. They love to get attention, so try showing them as often as you can.

- Fifth, give your boxer space to move and run around. Boxers should have a backyard to play in so they can run off their energy. Get them some toys to play with as well.

- Sixth, begin any type of obedience training while the boxer is still young. If you train early in the boxer’s life, they are more receptive to training. Try positive reinforcement training to keep the dog’s attention.  Don’t expect too much in the beginning and try to train in seclusion away from other breeds.

If you want a boxer, make sure your lifestyle matches his/her. Learning about the boxer dog behavior is essential to knowing if your lifestyle and his/her attitude will mesh together. If not, then it is likely the boxer is not the best pet for you.

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2 Responses to “Boxer Dog Behavior Advice”
  1. wendi Says:

    I have a 3 year old boxer named Tanji. We adopted her about a year ago. my problem with her is that she is extremely agressive with other dogs. When we first got her we had a male boxer named Bowser (unfortunately since then he has passed) she was good with him, but hates all other dogs. I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’m very nervous about walking her or taking her where I know there are other dogs. Any suggestions on how to deal with this would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Linda Says:

    Jason, I have a 4 yr. old Boxer female named Keisha. She\’s always been very gentle, and the best mother ever of 2 litters. However, a few months after we got her spayed she has become very agressive with my other boxer at feeding time. She actually fights the 2 yr. old to the point that I can\’t pull her off. Keisha is well behaved at other times. Is it possible that she is having \"false in-heat trauma\" causing her to be \"mean\", even though she\’s been spayed? Ay one time she did suffer from a false pregnancy when we didn\’t allow her to be bred. I\’m at my wits end! Is this a common act? Linda

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