Ways Of Training Boxer Puppies

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If you own a boxer, you may already know the importance of training boxer puppies. Although they are bred to be a very loving and friendly dog, they need the obedience training to keep that wonderful demeanor.

- Training boxer puppies takes a person who is willing to stay calm and be assertive when giving directions. You need to understand that boxers are very brilliant puppies do not respond to training methods that include yelling, screaming or hitting. While you need to be firm, you can still be loving. To help out, use treats.

- Until your puppy has reached 21 days old, it’s likely he/she won’t do much other sleep, eat and slight playtime. They will also find places to use the restroom away from play and rest areas. Take this time to introduce crate training.

- Eventually you can teach your boxer about the word “sit”. Every dog can learn this command. Your boxer may be ready to learn the command word “come” at this age. No matter the age of your dog, they love to learn. While it is a great experience for him/her, it should be for you as well.

- Set some training guidelines. Doing this keeps your puppy from getting confused. Make sure the entire household understands the guidelines too. When formal training is done, lessons are still being taught.

- Be consistent when training boxer puppies. When you are consistent in commands and actions, they end up learning quicker. Always use the same word for the same command. Make sure they follow your command so you know they are learning it.

- Punishing a boxer puppy doesn’t work. Instead use praise and treats. Punishments only backtrack the training.

- When training boxer puppies, keep sessions short. As they get older, then increase the sessions. Look for signs your puppy is no longer interested in learning.

- Remember to stay patient with your puppy because he/she will learn from that.

- Another guideline to follow is to use commands alone and not with sentences. Boxer puppies can be easily confused and are likely not to respond to what you are telling them.

- Your puppy should always respond right away to your commands. There should be no reason for you to repeat it more than once.

Training boxer puppies does take time but it is a very rewarding and wonderful experience for the both of you. Remember if you are calm when training and never get angry, you’ll see your boxer trying to please you.

Don’t forget to chech out the ‘Essential Boxer Dog Training Manual’ for more great tips and info on training your boxer puppy!


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4 Responses to “Ways Of Training Boxer Puppies”
  1. gary Says:

    I have two boxer pups 6 months old they are the most wreeking dogs i have ever seen thay eat and chew and kill any thing thay can get a hold of but yet are a very loving dog they even chew all my door trim dig holes in the yard none stop and deep one,s too i am having a hard time with them they dont train well at all the older they get the worst they get cant leave them alone at all if you do they are under construction lol any advice thank you .

  2. cain Says:

    how to train a boxer puppy to pee?

  3. valerie Says:

    Hi i have a 11 week old boxer..She is wonderful. I am concerned about her biting and chewing. It gets to the point where she is uncontollable and not one person could play with her..Is there any special training i can do to correct this?

  4. Ange Says:

    I have an almost 10 week old boy Boxer puppy and all the same issues mainly uncontrolable biting and chewing! The best thing to do is look at them in the syes and say “No bities!” and say it in a blunt clear tone! They understand after a few times! They are just teething really bad so keep up the chew treats and if they start biting your heels or legs distract them immediately with a toy, better use a sideward motion with your hand and arm and say “NO” It will be worth it in the end! I have a 4 year old black labrador who is helping out so much thank goodness for her help!

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