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When a person decides they want to have a pet, it’s important to find out about their diet. A boxer dog is no different in this aspect. When an owner decides to feed their boxer dog an all-natural, raw diet, they have the power to control what kind of food their beloved pet will get. This diet is called BARF (biologically Appropriate Raw Food). BARF allows them to give or take away appendages as they see fit. It consists mainly bones and raw meat.

What kind of raw foods make up the BARF diet? Listed below are some of the foods a boxer dog can intake easily.

- Raw meat
- Raw meaty bones
- Muscle Meats
- Raw processed vegetables
- Dairy products
- Eggs
- Fish
- Offal
- Fruits

Though it may not seem like it, this diet is very balanced. Some boxer owners will leave out the dairy or the grains, maybe even both. There have been situations where boxer dog owners have given yogurt treats to their dog to keep up their healthy lifestyle.

Why is it important for boxer dogs to have a healthy diet?

These kinds of dogs have plenty of food allergies. Using the BARF diet can help owners to avoid some of those foods that cause problems for their canine.

Foods such as grapes or raisins are very unhealthy for boxer dogs. It seems these foods can lead to acute kidney failure. Yet, this is new information and is still being investigated by the United States Animal Poison Control Center

There are three questions, which need to be answered, that concern boxer owners have regarding grapes and raisins. They are:

- How much of the two foods could be toxic for their dog?

- What, in these foods, is (are) toxic to the animals?

- How does the toxin affect the kidney?

If an owner is concerned about the amount of raisins or grapes their dog has ingested, then it is advised to send that pet’s veterinarian right away. The vet can run test to be sure the kidney is not suffering or what kind of damage it is suffering.

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  1. terri Says:

    my one year old boxer is going into heat and is throwing up often and I was wondering if this could be the reason for it.

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