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If you are looking for a canine that will be loyal and true with a friendly disposition, you need to look no further than the boxer dog breed. If you have the time, the patience and the stamina to match this clever canine, then you can enjoy a lifetime of companionship. Once the animal makes a connection, it is for life.

Due to their highly intelligent and overexcited nature and demeanor, they can become bored very easily. Thus, it is important to give them some sort of obedience training while they are still young. Use this intelligence to your advantage but to not let them use it for their own agendas, which some tend to try and do.

Boxer dogs may seem aggressive. For this reason, they make wonderful guard dogs. Their stature and looks can be very deceiving to those who do not know about the boxer breed. If trained correctly, the boxer dog is quite playful and friendly. If the boxer is not trained, he can do plenty of harm.

While their intelligence is helpful for training, boxers can be quite stubborn too. If you give them a command and he or she does not follow it, they are testing your boundaries (as well as your nerves) and their limits. Try to remain calm. If you own your canine boxer from an early age, then beginning training them at six weeks of age. Starting early ensures he or she will grow up to become socializing and playful. Make sure the training keeps his or her attention.

You want to be to train your dog so that they become socializing. With training and guidance, they can be friendly towards other animals and people. This is the goal you, as the owner, should aim for.

When your boxer is older, get into the more serious training to stave off any unacceptable behavior such as biting, nipping and even scratching. Boxer dogs that do these sorts of things are trying to dominate you. As a boxer own, you need to show him or her that you are in control and will not stand for their bad manners.

So long as you are willing to take the time and train, a boxer dog can be a wonderful addition to your family. If you want a canine that prefers your company to anything else, then get your loving friend the obedience training it needs. Once you get past that hurdle, you and your canine pal can enjoy a lifetime of love and trust.

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