Choosing a Boxer for Sale

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You have done all of your research, and you have decided upon buying a boxer puppy—a boxer will be a perfect fit with your family, you have no doubt.  You have even investigated the various boxer breeders in your area, checking to see which are the most reputable and which are reported to be the most honest and reliable.  After all of that, you were even able to narrow down the choices to one breeder, and you are now just waiting for the boxer puppies to be born.  The breeder will have a boxer for sale for you; however, it will still be several more weeks.

In the meantime, you have been putting thought into choosing your boxer.  After all, there will be more than one boxer for sale, and the breeder has told you that you will get first choice of the puppies.  How are you going to choose?

Boxer Coloring
You likely already know that there are fawn boxers and brindle boxers.  Also, it is certain that since you have done research, you know that many boxers have white markings, called flash, in several areas on their bodies and faces.  There are even white boxers.  Perhaps you have a preferred color that you would like; perhaps not.  If you do have a preferred color, though, you need to be prepared in case none of the puppies in the litter have that coloring.  Will you still purchase the boxer for sale, or will you wait?

Additionally, you need to decide if you would like to purchase a show quality boxer for sale or a pet quality boxer.  The difference?  Show quality puppies (also called show potential puppies) typically have more attractive flash markings or more evenly spaced markings.   If you plan on showing your boxer, this will be important; however, if you are looking only for a family pet, this will be less essential.

Choosing From the Litter
Some people may advise that you let the dog choose you, rather than you choosing the dog.  This sounds nice, in theory; however, it merely results in the aggressive and bold puppies being chosen first.  These puppies may not be the best choice—a gentle and calmer boxer may be the best option.
The best course of action when you go to choose your boxer for sale is to stand back and watch the litter for awhile.  Look at the puppies and take note of a few characteristics:

•    See which puppies are quiet, gentle, and submissive.
•    Check to see which boxers are acting aggressive toward the other puppies.
•    Look to see if there are any puppies that seem to be snatching all of the toys.
•    See if there are puppies that seem to be picked on by the other boxers.

You are going to want to choose a boxer for sale that fits somewhere in the middle of the litter hierarchy.  In other words, you don’t want the litter boss, the one who is controlling all of the action in the pen; nor do you want the pup that is lowest on the totem pole.  These middle-of-the-road dogs tend to have the best temperaments.

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