What About White Boxer Dogs?

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Boxer dogs have a few different types of coat colorings.  They can be fawn, which means that the bulk of their coat is a solid color ranging from tan to a deep red.  Or, they can be what is called brindle, which basically means that their coloring looks like that of a fawn boxer (in any of the aforementioned shades)—but, it is also overlaid with black stripes.  Many boxers also have some degree of white markings on their bodies and face, which is called flash.

In addition to fawn and brindle boxers, there are also white boxer dogs.  Some people think that this variation of coloring in boxers is rare; however, it occurs in about 10% to 25% or so of boxers around the world.  This isn’t all that rare.

What makes white boxer dogs white?

White boxer dogs do not really have a white coloring—they are actually absent of color.  According to genetics, white boxer dogs are really either fawn boxers or brindle boxers that simply have large proportions of their coloring covered by the white markings (the flash).

White boxer dogs only show up in litters in which both parents are flashy boxers.  It is genetically impossible otherwise for a white boxer to be a part of a boxer litter.  Here’s why:

•    Plain parent + Plain parent:  With two plain parents (‘plain’ meaning without flash), the all puppies in the litter will be plain.  This is because the gene for being plain would be the only gene present; therefore, no flashy puppies could be born.

•    Plain parent + Flashy parent:  With one plain parent and one flashy parent, the litter will be comprised of 50% plain puppies and 50% flashy puppies.  Only one parent has a copy of the recessive white boxer dog gene, so no white boxer dogs are born.

•    Flashy parent +Flashy parent:  Each flashy parent has a copy of the recessive gene which can result in white boxer dogs.  When two of these genes come together, a white boxer dog is born.  So, with these two parents, the resulting litter will have 50% flashy puppies, 25% plain puppies, and 25% white puppies.

Do white boxer dogs have health issues?

There are a lot of stories about white boxer dogs having health problems.  Apparently, because these dogs look different, people think that they have different health problems.

The bulk of the stories speak about heart issues.  However, white boxer dogs do not have any more heart problems than other boxer dogs.  These stories are simply untrue.

There are two health issues about which people need to be aware concerning white boxer dogs.  First of all, because these dogs lack pigmentation, they can easily sunburn.  Owners need to be careful about shielding them from the sun so that the dogs do not get skin cancer.  Secondly, more white boxer dogs are deaf than are other boxer dogs.  About 20% of white boxer dogs are deaf (at least partially) as compared to about 2% of other colorings of boxer dogs.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Where did you get this information? Unfortunately white boxers do indeed have a very heightened chance of developing many health issues, most of them very serious and generally lethal.

  2. james Says:

    good info

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