Boxer Dogs Through Rescue Groups

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Perhaps you and your family are giving a lot of thought to getting a boxer.  Maybe you have already done a great deal of research on the boxer breed, and you really think that boxer dogs would be an ideal fit with your family because of their temperament and characteristics.  If you haven’t yet decided on a breeder for a puppy, it could be a good idea to consider purchasing one of the boxer dogs from a rescue group.

Why choose a rescue dog?

Aside from the obvious moral and ethical reasons of choosing a rescue boxer dog—that is, to help save boxer dogs from shelter life (or worse)—there are some good reasons for deciding on a rescue dog:

•    Most rescue boxer dogs are between the ages of 18 months to 5 years.  This means that these dogs are generally housetrained, at the very least.  Many have learned other training commands as well.

•    Rescue boxer dogs are only allowed to be adopted if they are healthy.  Each dog that comes into a rescue group undergoes health testing, gets veterinarian examinations, is spayed or neutered, and gets any necessary shots.

•    The cost of a rescue dog can vary; typically you are paying for the fees of the above-mentioned health screenings and shots.  Rescue groups do not make a profit from the sale of their boxer dogs.  Of course, reputable breeders do not make a profit from the sale of boxer dogs either.  In any case, the cost of rescue boxer dogs will either be comparable to the cost of boxer puppies—or, it can be less.

Be sure, though, to choose a rescue group that is affiliated with either the American Boxer Rescue Association or the All-Breed Alliance, as these organizations hold rescue groups to high standards of practice.

Why are dogs rescued?

Many people assume that rescue boxer dogs must have had some sort of behavioral problems in order for their owners to abandon them.  People think that dog owners wouldn’t leave their dogs with rescue groups (or, worse, in shelters or out on the street) unless the boxer dogs were causing troubles.  This isn’t the case.

All boxer dogs that are offered for adoption go through several weeks at foster homes.  During this time, their temperament is assessed.  Few boxer dogs are ever found to have any behavioral problems, and even these boxers can typically be worked with in obedience classes.

Boxers are taken into dog rescue groups for three reasons:

•    Sometimes abandoned or ‘stray’ boxer dogs are found in animal shelters.  It is generally assumed that the owners of these dogs did not take the trouble to train the dogs (looking at the typical rescue dog age, these dogs are at the dog equivalent of the human “terrible twos” stage of development).

•    Owner surrender of boxer dogs is the second reason.  People have lifestyle changes sometimes that affect their ability to own and care for a dog.

•    Breeders sometimes come to rescue groups, asking for ‘retirement’ homes for their breeder dogs or show dogs.

In any case, temperament is well-assessed before a boxer is put up for adoption.


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