Boxer Dog Obedience Training Tips

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Boxer dog obedience training requires more companionship, love and attention than it does towards any other breed of dog. Boxer dogs cannot be left just on a chain like the other dogs. It is actually very comfortable and easy to take proper care of this breed with a little consideration and caution. You will probably have to pay high costs on a boxer dog obedience training and even more money expense on their medical care, training, grooming and food. Additionally this breed is also ranked as the favorite among dog lovers. Therefore it is important to provide adequate and constant attention with love. You will first have to befriend the boxer dog and play with him continuously. You should know that a three month old boxer dog puppy would love to bath especially when the owner sings for him.

Do not leave boxer dogs lonely

The obedience training for boxer dogs also includes talking, singing and playing with them and also taking them on a long or short walk. Boxer dogs would simply love you attention and you should shower a lot of love and attention on them along with several treats to make cared for. Boxer dogs usually feel lonely, bored, ignored and destructive especially when they are left alone. When you ignore them for too long then the boxer dogs can get very aggressive. However there should be some extra space given to the boxer dogs as they would never like being locked in a lonely room. The boxer dog which is four years old would love to run about to make a good landing and would also love its own room. These things would make the boxer dog very happy and they in return obey their owners.

If sometimes the boxer dog is left alone then it good you ensure that they can play with some toys they like. Unless you do this they might try to react. This breed is generally not very destructive in nature and they are smart and strong to get the attention from their owners. However when they get bored and undisciplined they can play spoilsport and also create disaster to your house. This means that it is important to start an obedience training for the boxer dog right from the time it was brought home.

Boxer Dog obedience training

The only proficient boxer dog obedience training is to make them happy. The temperament of the boxer dogs usually rules out hyperactivity, aggression and extreme shyness in breed. You should keep these things under control right when they are puppies. When you adopt boxer dogs, before you can look for a boxer puppy it is important to know the history of their parents for any adverse traits. Most of the owners of female boxer dogs generally report heavy aggression over other dogs. One of the best parts in training your boxer dog to be obedient is to play a lot with them. However remember that you should play in sessions or else they can get exhausted over long hours of play or long walks. You should make sure that when you provide obedience training to the boxer dogs the extreme shyness in the dogs should not be mistaken with independence.

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