What You Should Know About AKC Boxer Puppies

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AKC Boxer Puppies

There are a number of boxer dog breeders who can offer you AKC boxer puppies. Your local dog show can be an excellent source to find KDC standard boxer puppies as they are hosted for this particular purpose. There are also several boxer magazines that publish ads from different breeders. You can find the AKC Gazette from the American Kennel Club which is often found at large newsstands which lists the secretaries of most of the national breed clubs who can help you find a local breeder to provide AKC boxer puppies. However purchasing a boxer puppy is not just the matter of money and due to their popularity but purchasing from AKC means that you would have a real or pure breed boxer puppy. It is important that you educate yourself about boxer dog breed as you should be able to recognize a true or genuine boxer dog with AKC breeding standards.

General appearance of AKC boxer dogs

The ideal appearance of a boxer dog is square built and medium sized dog of good substance with strong limbs, short back and short and tight fitting coat. The AKC boxer dogs have well developed muscles which are hard, clean and appear smooth below taut skin. Their movements mean energy. Their gait is very firm yet a bit elastic. These AKC boxer dogs are generally developed with the aim to serve as guard dogs including as work dogs and companion dogs as they combine agility and strength with style and elegance. They always have an alert attention whereas their temperament is tractable and steadfast.

AKC boxer puppies impart a unique chiseled head which is very different from others. They should also be in good proportion to their body. When judging a boxer dog the first consideration is often given to their overall balance and general appearance. There is also special attention devoted to their head which is then followed by their individual body component which are examined for a proper construction of muscles.

The age of AKC boxer puppy you should prefer

Most of the people usually prefer purchasing boxer dogs any time after they are seven to eight weeks old. Most of the states also have regulations regarding their minimum age. However it is important that you consider your individual circumstances. You should also find out if you have the time to spend with your new boxer puppy as there should be someone at home to housebreak the dog. You should also know that if you prefer purchasing a puppy below three months of age they will need plenty of time to sleep and rest. Apart from this make sure that you are going to the right boxer dog breeder for your AKC boxer puppy. A good boxer dog breeder would show deep concerns for their puppy as they would want to know more about their new owner and would also get you familiar with the boxer puppy before purchasing him. You can rather prefer buying AKC boxer puppies from a reputable breeder who can provide you the registration details of the new AKC boxer puppy.

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