Boxer Dogs – A great Breed for a Family

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If you are looking for a great pet, then boxer dogs are definitely something you should look at. They are a big dog but they are known to be gentle, kind and intelligent. They are also a dog that will become totally devoted to your family and your lifestyle, thus making them a perfect guard dog as well. There are so many reasons why boxer dogs are a good choice for any family and getting one will make a positive effect on your whole family. They are a pleasure to have around.

Boxer dogs belong to the working breed group. At shoulder height that can range from twenty to twenty-five inches tall, and can weigh anywhere from fifty to seventy-five pounds. They come in various colors such as red and brown and they have a dark mask on their face. Their fur is short and lies tight to their skin so they are more susceptible to cold climates than a dog that has longer fur. They can usually live up to fifteen years, which is a good life expectancy for a dog. They will not require much grooming because their fur is so short, which gives you more time to play with them.

Adding boxer dogs to your home will give you a new playmate and a new friend. You can expect that a new puppy will be anxious at first and you will need to take the time to introduce him to his new home. You will need to get him trained right away so that he knows what to expect, but you will find that the training is quite easy with boxer dogs because they are so eager to please their owner. Not only that, they are so intelligent that you will be able to teach them many tricks as well.

Boxer dogs are known for their loving character and you should definitely take a look at inviting one into your home to become a new member of your family. If you need more information about boxer dogs than you should check out a web site that has all the information you need about this breed of dog to help you make a more informed decision about getting one. If you already have a boxer, this site can also answer some of your questions regarding their upbringing, and show you different ways that you can make your experiences with your boxer dogs more enriching.

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