Boxer Puppies for Sale are Worth the Price

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Look in any newspaper or online classified website and chances are you can find an advertisement that says, “Boxer Puppies for Sale.”  Prices can vary for the boxers—they can be anywhere from $400 on up to $600 or more.  It seems like a rather high price to pay for a boxer puppy, even a purebred one…or is it?

Though many people have qualms about paying what seem like exorbitant fees for purebred boxer puppies for sale, the truth is that these prices really are not out of line—if you are purchasing from a reputable breeder.  Reputable breeders put a great deal of money into the breeding process and into taking care of the puppies for their first several weeks.  All of that money adds up rather quickly.  So, the prices charged by reputable breeders for boxer puppies for sale really do not even give the breeders much of a profit to account for all of their time and effort.

Good Breeders Spend a Lot of Money

Dishonest breeders are the only ones who are really making profits off of the seemingly high prices for boxer puppies for sale.  After all, they do not spend the money in order to ensure the health of the parents or the boxer puppies for sale.  Reputable breeders have a lot of expenses which they must consider to for the breeding process:

•    Health testing:  Honest breeders do health testing on the female boxer—even if they know the female to have a good pedigree.  Here are the tests that they usually do, along with estimated costs for the tests:

Cardio testing $500

Aortic Stenosis testing $300

Spondylosis and Dysplasia testing (hip/spine problems) $300

Total:  $1100

•    Male boxer:  Many reputable breeders who have boxer puppies for sale own both the female and male boxer used as the parents.  If this is the case, the breeder does the same tests listed above on the male boxer, costing an additional $1100.  If the breeder does not own the male boxer, the breeder must pay a stud fee of $500.

•    Shots and exams:  At least one set of shots must be performed before the boxer puppies can be put up for sale.  Veterinary exams must be done as well.  The cost for these will be around $200.

There are other miscellaneous expenses involved in putting up boxer puppies for sale, too–cleaning supplies, kibble for the puppies, paperwork costs, and more.  The mother might also need a Caesarian section (at $500) or milk replacement (at $100 per week), or other unpredictable possibilities. The entire cost for breeding a litter of boxer puppies can be anywhere from $2000 to $3000 or more.

Most boxer litters have five puppies.  Do the math, and you will see that it means that is between $400 to $600 per boxer puppy for sale—and, that doesn’t take into account the breeder’s time and effort at all.  This means that for all of the special care the breeders have given the mother and puppies, they are uncompensated.

Boxer puppies for sale are worth every penny of their cost—as long as you buy from a reputable breeder.

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