So Just How Do You House Train Your Boxer Properly?

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Housetraining a Boxer can start as soon as you bring the puppy home. The first step is to always ensure that you take the puppy outside before they need to go to the bathroom. Keep in mind that puppies typically need to go outside between ten and twenty minutes after eating, almost immediately after waking up and generally whenever they start to sniff, circle or appear to be seeking a place to sneak off to. Immediately take the puppy outside and when he or she goes to the bathroom, give them lots of praise and bring them back into the house for playtime and attention.

When To Start:

As a very intelligent and also very clean dog, Boxers are typically relatively easy to housetrain provided the process is started early and is constantly implemented. When your Boxer is under about 12 weeks of age they will not have full control of their growing bladders and bowels, so never punish a puppy for an accident, rather clean up the mess and ensure that the puppy gets outside sooner the next time. Keeping a written note of when the puppy eats and has to go outside will help you in planning your trips outside. Don’t play with the puppy before they relieve themselves or they may start to ask to go outside when all they want to do is play, then they will come back in the house and make a mess.

Starting with house training as soon as the puppy arrives in the house is a great way to get started. Always praise and pay attention when the puppy goes to the bathroom when outside, and simply clean up and ignore the puppy when he or she has messed in the house. If you find that they are soiling in the same area, use a high quality pet odor remover available at most pet stores.

Just remember that boxer dog training doesn’t happen over night, it takes dedication and regular training sessions. Nothing major only about 20min per day is enough to get your boxer trained up quicker than you ever imagined! If you want more tips on how to train your boxer easily and quickly take a look at our Boxer Dog Training Kit.


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