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If you have a boxer dog for a pet, then it is very essential that you provide it with appropriate care and training. Although, this breed does not require high maintenance, they do crave for your attention and love. Since, boxers are active and energetic; they compulsorily require sufficient stimulation, at mental as well as physical levels. Adequate exercise is necessary to keep them away from chewing or digging, behaviors that indicate boredom. Obedience training is important as it keeps the dog from becoming unruly and headstrong. Due to their characteristic traits, training techniques based on corrections offer limited results. Positive enforcement techniques like clicker training have a much better impact, as they encourage them to think and solve problems independently.

Boxer dog training should begin as early as 6 weeks. Boxer is a social animal and thus, make sure that it gets to interact and socialize with humans as well as other pets from an early age. Formal boxer dog training can be started once the pup reaches 13 weeks. Since, it is dominant by nature, it is recommended to use a firm hand to keep it under control. The key to boxer dog training lies in being consistent. This way your boxer will know what you expect from it. Mutual understanding and patience are equally necessary while disciplining canines. The same genes, which give them the credit of possessing favorable attributes, are also responsible for their hyperactive and boisterous temperament. A boxer can become unmanageable, if not given due attention and care. Hence, arises the need for boxer dog training.

Boxer dog training can differ from other dog training methods, since they include techniques which are specific to only the boxer breed. Make use of training methods which are likely to keep the boxer interested. Remember that this breed belongs to the working dog category and thus, would appreciate if you employed methods that gave them a chance to make the best possible use of their high levels of energy and intelligence. Since, boxers have a very high threshold of pain; it would be useless to resort to any harsh training techniques. On the contrary, such callous treatment will only encourage obstinacy and drive it to more stubbornness. Boxer training will yield the desired results effortlessly, if you work on the inherent qualities in a positive manner. While training, it is imperative, that you keep all lines of communication clear and avoid confusion, or you may convey the wrong message.

Before you begin any boxer dog training, it is suggested that first you befriend your pet, provide it with ample love, care and attention, so that the task of disciplining becomes all the more easy. Obedience training is all about adopting an optimistic approach and making the best possible use of their positive attributes, in order to raise a well-bred boxer. This form of training comprises of singing, talking, playing and walking them. Avoid leaving them alone for too long and if you have to, provide it with ample distraction like toys and a large space to run about, so that it doesn’t become destructive due to boredom. Hyperactivity, aggression and extreme shyness are some undesirable features to watch out for and should be kept under control though appropriate boxer dog training.

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  1. Jeremy Says:

    Great article! Being consistent after starting to train your boxer is imperative at a young age (6-8 weeks at the latest). Everyday that goes by without proper attention, exercise and short training sessions (daily habits) causes your stress levels to rise and will create a tougher task in the future when you do get fed up and decide to train your boxer. The easiest way to approach a good relationship between you and your boxer is through consistent, positive reinforcement and affection.


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