Essential Things To Know About Your Boxer Dog

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Boxer dogs are a wonderful addition to your family because they are well known for their loyalty, their magnificent disposition and lively will. These breeds of dogs are wonderful for children because of their energy and mischievous personality. If you have other pets, whether it is a cat, another dog or even a bird, boxer dogs can get along with them. If you need a partner to exercise with, as in jogging or running, these dogs can be your companions. The hot sun during the summer months is not good for your dog. They do much better with a cooler climate. However, if your dog is an outside pet, then they should have adequate amounts of shade, cover, food and water.

On days the temperature rises, you need to exercise more caution when dealing with your pet. Boxers are unable to control their body temperatures. For this reason, keeping an eye on them is imperative. Their short noses make it harder for them to breathe on the hot days. For this reason, boxers will pant more. This panting can cool them down. Be sure your pet has plenty of cool or cold water to drink. Never force your pet to play when it is obvious he does not feel like it.

You can help your pet deal with the scorching hot weather in a few others ways. Obtain a dog mat from the local pet store. Besides plenty of water in a bowl, water down your dog especially on its ears, eyes, mouth, paws and belly. Why not give him a bath to cool him down? It may be wise to let him stay in the tub for awhile. By doing so, he can relax further and get much cooler. Be sure to give your boxer meals that are wholesome. Doing this can help your boxer beat the heat.

There is no argument that boxer dogs are wonderful mates and admired. On top of all they do for you, boxers are well known for being alert, their dexterity and strength. Boxer dogs were used during the war and by police to be messenger and attack dogs. The German military especially bred these dogs to guard the perimeter. Boxer dogs are known for their keen sense of smell. They can smell things that are considered contraband. For all the reasons listed above, these dogs were initiated into the Working Dog Group. There is a slight drawback to all the advantages and love the boxer dogs have to offer. What may this be? It cannot give it if it’s poorly trained.

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  1. tricia Says:

    thanks for the information me and my fiance are thinking about getting a boxer puppy!

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