Things You Should Know When Buying A Boxer Dog

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If you are looking for a pet whose has the ability to be faithful, has loads of energy and a loving attitude, then you may want to consider getting a boxer dog. Boxer dogs are very friendly and loyal especially to and with children. Their playful nature makes them a wonderful companion for younger children. If you have other animal family members, boxers are very adaptable to these pets too. Should you want a pet that will listen to your orders and can be taught, you should get a boxer dog. Remember that these dogs need all kinds stimulus, both mentally and physically. Take them for a run or jog in the early morning hours when it’s cooler. This is especially important during the summer months when temperatures soar in the 90s in many places. If you cannot bring your pet inside for any reason, then be sure he/she can stay out of the sun, has plenty of food and water.

Boxer dogs will play regardless of the temperature outside but as the owner of these overactive and roguish canines, it is you that needs to be aware if your pet is getting overheated. Boxers cannot maintain the temperature in their body. Those hot summer days will find you giving extra special attention to your loving canine. Your pet may cool down slightly through his intense panting but it is not enough to keep them cool the entire day. Do not be surprised if your boxer dog doesn’t feel like playing. Just like you, dogs can get zapped of energy in the heat. Do your dog justice and place plenty of water bowls outside for him to drink from. If you have only one water bowl, be sure its kept full.

There are other ways to help your dog survive the summer heat. Local pets stores have dog mats that can help you out. When you are nourishing the inside of your dogs body, be sure to give him a nice nourishing on the outside. Rinse down sensitive parts of your dogs body including the ears, eyes, mouth, belly and paws. If you can, purchase an outside tub for him to jump in and out of. Another easy way to keep your dog from overheating is to provide him with the needed food diet that can help him fight the burning sun.

Most boxer owners will agree that these dogs are wonderful to have around. With everything they do for their owners, they are especially known for their strength, courage, attentiveness and legerdemain. They were once used as attack and messenger dogs especially by the military and police. The German army was able to teach the dog how to guard the border of the land. The dogs can smell contraband items and bother trespassers. Members of the Working Dog Group recognized all that the boxer dogs did. Despite all their good qualities, when trained poorly, they can be rather obstinate.

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Vaccinating Your Dog

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There is a great deal of controversy around vaccinating dogs, just like there is ongoing controversy around vaccinating children. While there are some dogs that are sensitive to different types of vaccines, most dogs tolerate the new types of vaccines with very few issues. Vaccines are actually designed not to cure or prevent any health issues themselves, but rather to allow the dog’s body to build up immunity to the virus or bacteria so the dog is able to fight off the disease on his or her own. Vaccinating a dog unnecessarily is never recommended, however most vets agree there are some basic vaccinations that should be part of an overall health regime.
Puppy and Dog Vaccinations

During the first few weeks of life the puppy is naturally protected from many health issues since it gets antibodies from the mother dog through nursing. At about the six week mark the first set of puppy vaccinations is recommended to help prepare the puppy for life without that antibody support from the mother. When the antibodies from the mother are at high levels in the puppy’s bloodstream, the vaccination is less effective. This is why vets recommend a series of three vaccinations to ensure that the puppy will receive the benefits from the shots. These vaccinations are typically scheduled at six weeks, nine weeks and twelve weeks to catch all puppies at the appropriate time and at the appropriate level of development. Some vets working with particular breeds may indicate another vaccination at the 15 week mark or even one at the 18 week point. They will also receive a booster shot at the one year mark and every year thereafter. This is because dogs don’t build up continual immunity to many of these conditions and need the vaccination to trigger their bodies to do this every year.

A puppy will be vaccinated for core and elective types of vaccinations, most which are combined into one actual shot or vaccination. This means that the puppy doesn’t have to have four needles, just one. The core vaccinations include:

* Canine Distemper
* Parvovirus
* Hepatitis
* Rabies – when older

In addition to the core vaccinations there are also elective vaccinations depending on where you live and any canine health issues in your area. These can include vaccinations for:

* Lyme Disease
* Parainfluenza
* Coronavirus
* Canine Measles – usually during Canine Distemper outbreaks
* Bordetella – Kennel Cough
* Leptospirosis
* Canine Adenovirus (various strains)

There are other specific vaccinations that may be required if the dog has been exposed to particular environments or other animals that have been infected.

Talk to your vet and complete research on the various vaccinations before taking your puppy or dog to the vets. If you are planning on traveling with your dog out of your local area you should also talk to your vet to find out if you need specific types of vaccinations. Dogs that are taken out of state or out of country or those that are being kenneled or entered into shows typically have to have a current and up to date vaccination record to ensure safety for all dogs and animals.

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What Types of Service Are Available for Adoption?

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Service dogs have been extensively trained to provide services for the deaf, blind of physically challenged. It is not every dog that is accepted for this type of training and owners should consider themselves lucky if they are in a position to be offered the adoption for this type of dog.

Service dogs that are available for adoption and each of these dogs have been trained as a career service dog that will lead the blind, the deaf and assist other disabled people.

There Are Three Types of Service Dogs Available

Service dogs that are available for adoption come in three different categories. There are dogs that have been trained to be in the service industry but were not accepted into homes for some reason or another. Another option for service dog adoption is those dogs are changing careers, or dogs retiring from their service career.

Service dogs must eventually retire. The animals become slower, require additional care of they become ineffective in the industry in which they are working. The average career of a service dog is eight years – and this is the point in which they are placed with loving families that can tend to their needs.

Some impeccably trained dogs have more than one type of career and therefore more than one type of service job. Sometimes the dog is not a match with the person in need, or the service owner or the dog may develop medical problems that the owner is unable to deal with. Some retired dogs are used in rest or nursery homes as pet therapy sessions, or animal interaction practice.

The last category of dogs may have not passed the courses and training required to become a service dogs. Thousands of dogs initiate within the guide dog training each year, and many of these dogs do not make into a service program.

Some of the dogs may have temperament or health problems which deter them from finishing the program. Some dogs simply have an energy level too high of that required for service work. Regardless of the status, these dogs are often of a higher caliber than dogs untrained for the service industry and should be considered for adoption.

Natural abilities with adequate personalities can gain a dog entry into these service dog training programs. Dogs between the ages of one to two that demonstrate gentle personalities and have had a loving home combined with gentle obedience trainings are often exceptional candidates for service dogs.

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Boxer Dogs – A great Breed for a Family

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If you are looking for a great pet, then boxer dogs are definitely something you should look at. They are a big dog but they are known to be gentle, kind and intelligent. They are also a dog that will become totally devoted to your family and your lifestyle, thus making them a perfect guard dog as well. There are so many reasons why boxer dogs are a good choice for any family and getting one will make a positive effect on your whole family. They are a pleasure to have around.

Boxer dogs belong to the working breed group. At shoulder height that can range from twenty to twenty-five inches tall, and can weigh anywhere from fifty to seventy-five pounds. They come in various colors such as red and brown and they have a dark mask on their face. Their fur is short and lies tight to their skin so they are more susceptible to cold climates than a dog that has longer fur. They can usually live up to fifteen years, which is a good life expectancy for a dog. They will not require much grooming because their fur is so short, which gives you more time to play with them.

Adding boxer dogs to your home will give you a new playmate and a new friend. You can expect that a new puppy will be anxious at first and you will need to take the time to introduce him to his new home. You will need to get him trained right away so that he knows what to expect, but you will find that the training is quite easy with boxer dogs because they are so eager to please their owner. Not only that, they are so intelligent that you will be able to teach them many tricks as well.

Boxer dogs are known for their loving character and you should definitely take a look at inviting one into your home to become a new member of your family. If you need more information about boxer dogs than you should check out a web site that has all the information you need about this breed of dog to help you make a more informed decision about getting one. If you already have a boxer, this site can also answer some of your questions regarding their upbringing, and show you different ways that you can make your experiences with your boxer dogs more enriching.

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Some Interesting Facts About Boxer Dogs

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According to the American Kennel Club, boxer dogs are the seventh most popular dog in the United States. If you are sure you want a boxer dog, then you need to know some things before you go out and purchase one.

Buy your boxer for a reputable dealer if you can. If not, when buying from a pet store, find out how they purchased their animals. Did they buy the pups from a breeder they are familiar with? You want to be sure that the puppy you get is healthy and from good stock. Sometimes pet stores have a tendency to deal with shady breeders as well.

Know that when you buy a boxer dog from a reputable dealer, they will stand by the norms and standards required of <b>boxer dogs</b>. This includes respect for uniformity, character traits, color, size and health. By them doing this, you are assured a loving, healthy boxer. Another reason people should go with reputable dealer is that they will have all the documentation you want and even pictures of the puppy’s parents. By checking out the parents, you can find out if there are any qualities you may not want in your boxer… aggressive behavior or tendency to be shy.

If a reputable dealer has been in business for a while, then they will have experience dealing with boxer dogs. They know what to expect regarding their behavior and their traits. They can offer your professional advice. Most times, these dealers have joined a respectable club or they have some involvement with dog shows.

These breeders can also help you select a boxer dog that is worthy of being a champion. They usually know what will make a judge’s head turn so they can help you out in your decision.

Although many people do not deal with them, animal shelters are another wonderful place to go for a pet. About a quarter of these animals are purebred and the fees you pay for your animal will be much less than that of a dealer or pet store. Not only that but you save a life in the meantime.

You have to understand that purebred refers not only to the dog’s pedigree but to its appearance too. If you want a good-looking boxer dog, the dog should have a fawn or brindle color-looking coat. If there are any white spots on the pup, there should be no more than a third on the entire body.

While saying this, if you want to buy a white boxer dog for a pet, they are usually deaf, blind or both. These animals are also not allowed for breeding by the American Boxer Club.

According to records, male dogs are usually much soother and lenient than female boxers. They are usually hyperactive and hostile. It is best not to have more than one female in the household, as they are aggressive to other females.

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