Essential Things To Know About Your Boxer Dog

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Boxer dogs are a wonderful addition to your family because they are well known for their loyalty, their magnificent disposition and lively will. These breeds of dogs are wonderful for children because of their energy and mischievous personality. If you have other pets, whether it is a cat, another dog or even a bird, boxer dogs can get along with them. If you need a partner to exercise with, as in jogging or running, these dogs can be your companions. The hot sun during the summer months is not good for your dog. They do much better with a cooler climate. However, if your dog is an outside pet, then they should have adequate amounts of shade, cover, food and water.

On days the temperature rises, you need to exercise more caution when dealing with your pet. Boxers are unable to control their body temperatures. For this reason, keeping an eye on them is imperative. Their short noses make it harder for them to breathe on the hot days. For this reason, boxers will pant more. This panting can cool them down. Be sure your pet has plenty of cool or cold water to drink. Never force your pet to play when it is obvious he does not feel like it.

You can help your pet deal with the scorching hot weather in a few others ways. Obtain a dog mat from the local pet store. Besides plenty of water in a bowl, water down your dog especially on its ears, eyes, mouth, paws and belly. Why not give him a bath to cool him down? It may be wise to let him stay in the tub for awhile. By doing so, he can relax further and get much cooler. Be sure to give your boxer meals that are wholesome. Doing this can help your boxer beat the heat.

There is no argument that boxer dogs are wonderful mates and admired. On top of all they do for you, boxers are well known for being alert, their dexterity and strength. Boxer dogs were used during the war and by police to be messenger and attack dogs. The German military especially bred these dogs to guard the perimeter. Boxer dogs are known for their keen sense of smell. They can smell things that are considered contraband. For all the reasons listed above, these dogs were initiated into the Working Dog Group. There is a slight drawback to all the advantages and love the boxer dogs have to offer. What may this be? It cannot give it if it’s poorly trained.

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Some Tips For Buying A Boxer Puppy

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Raising a boxer puppy, or for that matter, any other pet calls for due attention and care from your side. So, before you finally decide to get one, it is recommended that you collect information regarding the eating habits, lifestyle and quality traits of a boxer puppy. Listed below are a few factors that you should consider while making the decision:

Reflect on the about the personality traits and behavior of a boxer puppy. Since, they are very playful and full of energy, you cannot afford to leave it in one comer of the room, nor do they like being chained. A boxer puppy needs constant attention and care and can become very destructive, if ignored. Loneliness and boredom will make it miserable and consequently, affect the health of the pup. You will have to take him daily for exercises and indulge in regular play sessions.

A boxer puppy has a very carefree attitude and may walk across the room carelessly. So, be prepared to remove anything expensive or even get rid of it, lest the puppy tramples on it. If you have very young children in the house, it would be advisable to postpone the idea of rearing a boxer dog for a few years. Undoubtedly, boxer dogs are ideal companions and perfect playmates for children, but never leave young children unattended with your pet boxer, in case the dog may harm them unintentionally.

A boxer puppy is very outgoing and likes to socialize with people as well as other animals and pets. Mingling with others is an inherent quality in them; hence allow the boxer puppy to mix from an early age. However, make sure that you permit the right kind of socialization. This will not only enable them to differentiate between the right and the wrong people but also help them to learn to trust the right individuals.

Your boxer puppy can show signs of extreme shyness and thus, it becomes all the more necessary that it socializes as early as possible. This can be achieved easily, by taking the boxer puppy to public places and pet stores. Records show that if not trained properly, female boxers tend to be more aggressive, especially towards other females. So, consider before you plan to buy two boxer puppies for one house.

Although, boxer dogs are famous for several positive qualities, they can become stubborn if not disciplined. Hence, it is recommended that your boxer puppy undergoes intensive obedience training sessions. This way the boxer puppy will be in a better position to offer you the best and you will also be able to make the most out of this companionship.

A Boxer puppy will be hyperactive most of the times. They have very high energy levels and thus, need to exercise regularly. Failure to provide your boxer pet with sufficient stimulation will only make him destructive and all the more restless. When you are going to leave them alone for a long period of time, make sure to give extra space. You can also drain your boxer puppy with long walks and play.

And finally, before you adopt or buy a boxer puppy as a pet, find out from the breeder if the parent dogs had any undesirable characteristics.

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Boxer Dog Training The Easy Way

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If you have a boxer dog for a pet, then it is very essential that you provide it with appropriate care and training. Although, this breed does not require high maintenance, they do crave for your attention and love. Since, boxers are active and energetic; they compulsorily require sufficient stimulation, at mental as well as physical levels. Adequate exercise is necessary to keep them away from chewing or digging, behaviors that indicate boredom. Obedience training is important as it keeps the dog from becoming unruly and headstrong. Due to their characteristic traits, training techniques based on corrections offer limited results. Positive enforcement techniques like clicker training have a much better impact, as they encourage them to think and solve problems independently.

Boxer dog training should begin as early as 6 weeks. Boxer is a social animal and thus, make sure that it gets to interact and socialize with humans as well as other pets from an early age. Formal boxer dog training can be started once the pup reaches 13 weeks. Since, it is dominant by nature, it is recommended to use a firm hand to keep it under control. The key to boxer dog training lies in being consistent. This way your boxer will know what you expect from it. Mutual understanding and patience are equally necessary while disciplining canines. The same genes, which give them the credit of possessing favorable attributes, are also responsible for their hyperactive and boisterous temperament. A boxer can become unmanageable, if not given due attention and care. Hence, arises the need for boxer dog training.

Boxer dog training can differ from other dog training methods, since they include techniques which are specific to only the boxer breed. Make use of training methods which are likely to keep the boxer interested. Remember that this breed belongs to the working dog category and thus, would appreciate if you employed methods that gave them a chance to make the best possible use of their high levels of energy and intelligence. Since, boxers have a very high threshold of pain; it would be useless to resort to any harsh training techniques. On the contrary, such callous treatment will only encourage obstinacy and drive it to more stubbornness. Boxer training will yield the desired results effortlessly, if you work on the inherent qualities in a positive manner. While training, it is imperative, that you keep all lines of communication clear and avoid confusion, or you may convey the wrong message.

Before you begin any boxer dog training, it is suggested that first you befriend your pet, provide it with ample love, care and attention, so that the task of disciplining becomes all the more easy. Obedience training is all about adopting an optimistic approach and making the best possible use of their positive attributes, in order to raise a well-bred boxer. This form of training comprises of singing, talking, playing and walking them. Avoid leaving them alone for too long and if you have to, provide it with ample distraction like toys and a large space to run about, so that it doesn’t become destructive due to boredom. Hyperactivity, aggression and extreme shyness are some undesirable features to watch out for and should be kept under control though appropriate boxer dog training.

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How To Choose A Boxer Puppy To Buy

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The boxer is a German breed which is characterized by stocky build, square muzzle and powerful jaws. The Boxer is a brachycephalic canine which means their skull is typically short and broad with the breadth being approximately 80% of the length. Boxers are bred from the English Bulldog and the Bullenbeisser and belong to the Molosser group. Brachycephalic dogs are more prone dehydration since they tend to be sensitive to high temperatures. This makes the choice of sleep crate extremely important. In the US, Boxers are the sixth most popular breed with around 34,000 new registrations every year. The boxer is renowned for its faithfulness and unconditional love to his master and the household. The boxer pup is friendly and bright when at play and equally brave and determined when provoked.

Traits to look for

People are generally advised to let a puppy choose you rather than you choosing you. This usually results in you picking the one that comes jumping to you at the pet store. These are bold and energetic ones while the gentle ones politely wait in back. Unfortunately, the hyper energetic puppies are the ones which are the most difficult to take care of. Sure they can be fun to be with for an hour or two at the breeder’s, but they will drive you insane if you have to live them 24/7. Take a good look at the litter as a whole, if two out of the three puppies are maddeningly running and woofing around then you can safely conclude that your visit is over.

Don’t let the breeder shrug off the timid nature of the puppies with an “Oh they just don’t have been handled much? assurance. If they haven’t been handled much then the breeder has been ignorant or plain lazy and you don’t want to take a puppy from an ignorant or lethargic breeder, chances are he might have messed up on more. Avoid boxer pups who shrink away from you and tuck their tails, no matter how hard you try they are not going to come out of their shells. Shy boxer pups grow up into shy dogs that have a tendency to snap defensively if anyone startles them. Normally boxer pups are a curious and trusty lot and mill around your legs, tugging at your shoelace and crawling into your lap. Look for a boxer pup which is neither bossy nor too timid, one which doesn’t growl nor bite but joins in and holds it’s own.


The boxer is basically a head breed and consequently the correctness of the skull is imperative to the dog’s look. The muzzle of the pup should be deep and broad; a bump above the nose is an indication of a good stop. A boxer with too shallow a stop will appear spoonfaced and unsymmetrical. The beauty of a boxer puppy is a fawn with the signature white marking not covering not more than one-third of the body. The full white boxer pups are more prone to deafness and blindness and are not allowed to be sold for breeding.

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So Just How Do You House Train Your Boxer Properly?

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Housetraining a Boxer can start as soon as you bring the puppy home. The first step is to always ensure that you take the puppy outside before they need to go to the bathroom. Keep in mind that puppies typically need to go outside between ten and twenty minutes after eating, almost immediately after waking up and generally whenever they start to sniff, circle or appear to be seeking a place to sneak off to. Immediately take the puppy outside and when he or she goes to the bathroom, give them lots of praise and bring them back into the house for playtime and attention.

When To Start:

As a very intelligent and also very clean dog, Boxers are typically relatively easy to housetrain provided the process is started early and is constantly implemented. When your Boxer is under about 12 weeks of age they will not have full control of their growing bladders and bowels, so never punish a puppy for an accident, rather clean up the mess and ensure that the puppy gets outside sooner the next time. Keeping a written note of when the puppy eats and has to go outside will help you in planning your trips outside. Don’t play with the puppy before they relieve themselves or they may start to ask to go outside when all they want to do is play, then they will come back in the house and make a mess.

Starting with house training as soon as the puppy arrives in the house is a great way to get started. Always praise and pay attention when the puppy goes to the bathroom when outside, and simply clean up and ignore the puppy when he or she has messed in the house. If you find that they are soiling in the same area, use a high quality pet odor remover available at most pet stores.

Just remember that boxer dog training doesn’t happen over night, it takes dedication and regular training sessions. Nothing major only about 20min per day is enough to get your boxer trained up quicker than you ever imagined! If you want more tips on how to train your boxer easily and quickly take a look at our Boxer Dog Training Kit.


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