Learning About the Boxer Breed

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Before choosing any new pet, it is always wise to put a great deal of thought and research into what type of pet would be best for you and your family.  This is unquestionably the best course of action when choosing a family dog.  There are dozens of different dog breeds, and each has its own typical characteristics and general temperament.  Therefore, before deciding upon any particular dog breed, it is prudent to learn about the breed.

One popular breed among many families is the boxer breed.  Boxers fit in well with many households because they are both patient and protective.  After researching dog breeds, a great number of families end up selecting puppies or dogs of the boxer breed.

Excellent Guard Dogs

The boxer breed is well-known for being quite protective of its people ‘family’.  Boxers are wary of strangers approaching the family, keeping a watchful eye and staying alert against any possible danger.  Unlike some other guard dogs, though, the boxer breed is not habitually aggressive—boxers are typically more dignified in their guarding approach.  They will, however, become assertive and aggressive if they feel threatened or if anyone in their ‘family’ is being threatened.  In cases like these, dogs of the boxer breed are unwaveringly courageous.

Affectionate Companions

Boxers are also noted for their fundamentally agreeable temperament.  Dogs of the boxer breed greatly enjoy affection from their human ‘family,’ and they are more than happy to return that with friendliness and attention of their own.  These dogs are quite loyal to the members of their ‘family’ and respond very well to the warmth and thoughtfulness given from them.  Boxers are one of the many breeds of dogs that make for wonderful companions—they truly can become “man’s best friend.”

The Boxer Breed – A Good Choice for Children?

While many people picture the boxer breed as more of a guard dog, the truth is that boxers really do enjoy being around children.  These dogs love to get attention from children.  Furthermore, boxers are actually quite patient.  They are tolerant of kids who may not exactly know the best ways to pet dogs or who may not understand that tails aren’t for tugging.  Of course, it is always a good idea for adults to keep an eye on any dog around very young children—and parents should teach their kids proper ways to give dogs affection and attention.  Nonetheless, dogs of the boxer breed enjoy children’s attention and are very accommodating of kids who haven’t yet learned how to deal with dogs.

Physical Characteristics

Before selecting a dog, it is smart to consider the size of a particular breed.  Many people also prefer to take into account other physical attributes of breeds as well.

Dogs of the boxer breed are generally mid-sized dogs.  They have short limbs; however, they are quite powerful because of their muscular back and legs.  Boxers are considered to be athletic dogs; as such, they will need to be walked often.

Boxers have coats that are short and smooth.  Because of this, they do not require much grooming.

The boxer breed can be a good choice for any family.

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How To Care For Boxer Pups

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If you have just brought home a new boxer pup then you will already find the need and importance of training your boxer puppy. Although the boxer dogs are bred to become a very friendly and loving dog they should also be given the obedience straining in order to hold on their demeanor.

Training Boxer Pups

Training boxer pups will require an owner who is ready to stay calm and also be assertive when providing directions. It is important you understand that the boxer dogs are very brilliant puppies who will not usually respond to any training that uses screaming, yelling or hitting methods. Although you need to be firm you should still be very loving to the puppy. In order to help yourself you can use treats. Until and unless your puppy reaches the age of 21 days old it is likely that they would not do much that just eat, sleep and slightly play around. They might also find a place as their restroom which is away from the rest and play areas. You can take this time in order to introduce crate training.

Gradually you can teach your boxer pups about the word SIT. This command is very easily learnt by most of the dogs. Your boxer dog might also be ready to learn the command COME even at this stage. Regardless the age of your boxer dog they generally love to learn from their masters. As these training sessions are a great experience for the boxer dogs it should also be a great experience for you.

Boxer Puppies Training Guidelines

There are a few boxer training guidelines which when followed properly it would help your puppy from being confused. You should also make sure that all your family members also understand these training guidelines. When you have done the formal training there are still lessons to be taught to your boxer. You should also be very consistent when you train your boxer pup. When you become very consistent with your actions and command your boxer puppy will learn faster. Make sure that you use the same words for a particular command and also make sure that the puppy follows your commands so that you will know that they have learnt the command.

Punishing your boxer puppy will not work but can also be damaging and instead of this you should actual use treats and praises. The punishments should also be to back track the training process. When you are training your boxer pups make sure to keep the sessions short and you can increase the sessions as the boxer gets older. You should also find out signs show by your boxer indicating they are no longer interested in the training. You must remember to stay patient when training your puppy as they will also learn from it. Another guideline is that you must use single commands and not sentences. The boxer dog breed can easily get confused resulting in no response from your puppy. However when you use all the above guidelines in training your boxer pups they would surely respond to your commands and know how to be obedient.

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